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Welcome to the world of "the politician". A world where words alone can help one get the support, status, and superiority they desire. But if not true to their word and things go wrong, there are no limits to what one will be pushed to do.

Sending your child off to college is a great feeling. But if they come back helpless and confused, and unable to handle what life really has before them, you look to make sense of it all. You look to the Professor that coddled them and let them skate by. Even the most innocent can turn into criminals, especially when it's their offspring that has been harmed.

The graphic revenge of someone who's life has been taken from then has no boundaries. Nothing is too harsh, especially for someone who has no clue what happens "out there" in teh real world, away from stars, fans, limousines and paparazzi.

There are many groups out there fighting for their cause and sometimes it goes too far. And when it does, they will realize they have no real clue who they are up against...

In times of great chaos people's instincts kick in and it becomes a game of survival. If all protection was gone, if all assistance was gone, if all our luxuries were taken from us...what would YOU do?
There becomes a time to come together to fight for what you have left and work together to rebuild. Desperation has many faces. Some break down, some become a team and others turn to crime and actions they would never have considered before.

If Hitler did in fact escape and the suicide theory was false, what is the story he would live to tell? K.C. knows this story and is here to share. It's something to consider when there are endless theories out there. This one comes from the sources.
K.C. would like to expand on this story should there be enough interest. Hitler has been fascination for years and this could be the truth that provides some realistic closure to the neverending question..."hat really happened to Hitler?"

Stories told from real life experience in one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood! Working at the club, entertaining celebrities and the posh of the posh, Dakota has turned years of facts into a stellar dramatic series, blended both with truth and fition.
Hungry for some Hollywood goodies? Dakota's series has it all. What do celebrities really do for a good time when they are not traveling the world or making it on the big screen? This series lets you in.

Rachel is one of four girls that got the "Secrets" series started, and with good reason! Rachel is no doubt the one in charge. Tall, lean and sexy as hell, Rachel knows what she wants and knows how to get it.
There are four girls in all in the tight and elite group, and The club is where they can be found making trouble. People know them and they know everybody. The club caters to all that they are and they use it to their advantage. This group and the club are about business, sex and money...what could be better?


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